21 Aug 2018

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Alternatively, diuretics that help the kidneys conserve potassium potassium-sparing diuretics , such as amiloride , eplerenone , spironolactone , or triamterene can be used, but these drugs are used only if the kidneys are functioning normally.

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Before using this medicationtell your doctor or pharmacist your medical historyespecially ofkidney problemssuch as kidney stonesliver diseasemineral imbalancesuch as high potassium blood levellow sodium blood levelloss of too much body waterdehydrationgoutconditions causing low folic acid blood levelssuch as alcoholic cirrhosispregnancy

Triamterene is 2,4,7-triamino-6-phenylpteridineTriamterene is practically insoluble in waterbenzenechloroformether and dilute alkali hydroxidesIt is soluble in formic acid and sparingly soluble in methoxyethanolTriamterene is very slightly soluble in acetic acidalcohol and dilute mineral acidsIts molecular weight is 253.27Its structural formula is:

Hypersensitivityanaphylaxisphotosensitivityrashurticariapurpuranecrotizing angiitisvasculitiscutaneous vasculitisfeverrespiratory distress including pneumonitis.

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