21 Aug 2018

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On th mdications in th Advai inhal is salmtol, a LABA. In lag studis, popl whtook salmtol had an incasd isk asthma-latd dath. 1,2 In ths studis, th w 13 daths out 13,176 popl whtook salmtol, compad with th daths out 13,179 popl whtook a ak mdication (placbo). Childn and adolscnts whtak LABAs hav a high isk hospitalization.

This list is not complt and many oth dugs may intact with luticason and salmtol . This includs psciption and ov-th-count mdicins, vitamins, and hbal poducts. Not all possibl dug intactions a listd h.

Advai inhalation is a combination mdicin usd tpvnt asthma attacks. It is alsusd tpvnt la-ups wosning chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD) associatd with chonic bonchitis and/mphysma.

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