21 Aug 2017

All About Graves: Learn How To Counter Graves

Counter Graves Counter

Grave is one of the characters in League of Legends. Named Malcolm Graves, a wanted man (criminal) in every city-state, empire and realm, he has visited. In his early age, he raised in Wharf alleys of Bilgewater and quickly learned everything about fighting, stealing, smuggling etc.

counter graves

After sometimes he met another tricky man named ‘Twisted Fate’ and combining both of their unique abilities they stole, smuggles from rich and foolish people.

Graves Counter :  

Here is the list of some Counters. Take a look-


Caitlyn is one of the counter, who can easily outrange the Grave to do his auto attack. Also she prevents him from farming. She is a champ against Graves.


Corki with his Gatling Gun and Bombarrage, can easily beat up Graves. Also you can use your Valkyrie to easily chase or follow him.

*Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is another character of Graves Counter in the game of League of Legends. She can easily poke up him with her own Yep and her bullets.

graves counter

# Abilities of Graves:

  • Graves uses shotgun which has two shells. He has to reload it after each fire. In each attack his shotgun fires several (three) bullets in a cone. As he hits his enemies with multiple bullets, damages also be done in a good numbers. Each bullet beyond the first will damaged only 35%.
  • He has the ability to fire an explosive shell which detonates after 2 seconds of hitting. Or it detonates immediately if it strikes directly to terrain.
  • The closer to a Grave, the more the enemy hurts. Its main ability is his buckshot. Also the cone shaped spells damage more if the target is closer.
  • He can fires a smoke and create a smoke cloud (Smoke Screen) in its target area. The enemies inside that area have reduced their strength, movement speed as well as sight.
  • He has the ability of collateral damage. It fires an explosive shell that damaged heavily the first enemy champion it hits. After hitting an enemy or reaching at the end of its enemy’s range, that shell explodes and damage physically in a cone.

Now lets have a look at the Strengths & Weakness of owning Graves in League of Legends Game-play:


  • Powerful in single v single.
  • Snowballs are quick.
  • Has a really strong smoke bomb.
  • Capable with fast escaping abilty.


  • The range is really short. It’s a main weak point of Graves.
  • It must have the ability of resistance in any combat to get the benefit from his passive.

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