11 May 2018

college essay editing

How do you edit a college essay? This is a difficult question, because so many factors come into play during it. What needs to be edited? Is the same person who wrote it doing the editing work? Does the editing involve removing or adding quotations, or even entire citations?

The essay has to be absolutely seamless, because edits are supposed to blend into the overall fabric of the work. Especially if the work is being done by somebody who is different from the original writer – there is a marked emphasis on the work needing to be in such a way as to imitate the original writing style.

Edits which incorporate or remove citations and quotes need to be handled particularly carefully. Many references are used multiple times throughout a work – if the citation is removed, then an editor needs to comb through the entire work to remove any other references to the work. If references remain after the citation has been removed, that qualifies as plagiarism, which is serious in the context of academic writing. Plagiarism is something most academic writing sites take extremely seriously, so taking out a reference is a tricky thing.

On the other of the scale, putting a citation in can also be tricky. The reference pages on any academic work will be in alphabetical order – this is to make it much easier for people to find any reference they might want or need when it comes to making their own papers up. Being able to properly cite a reference allows it to fit seamlessly into the paper as a whole, and also means that there is less chance of a reference being made wrongly.

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