21 Aug 2018

Cystone tablet price

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Information about Cystone.

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IngredientsShilapusphaDidymocarpus pedicellata130 mgPasanabhedaSaxifraga ligulata SynBergenia ligulataciliata8 mgManjishthaRubia cordifolia32 mgNagarmustaCyperus scariosus32 mgApamargaAchyranthes aspera32 mgGojihaOnosma bracteatum32 mgSahadeviVernonia cinerea32 mgShilajeetPurified26 mgHajrul yahood bhasma 32 mg,

How Cystone worksCystone prevents supersaturation of lithogenic substancesinhibits oxamide absorption from the intestine and maintains the crystalloid-colloid balance.

Current treatments for stone prevention typically decrease urinary supersaturation by affecting urinary compositione.gdecrease calcium excretionNo agent is known that can be safely taken and enter the urine to decrease calcium oxalate crystallizationor perhaps even better dissolve calcium oxalate stones and/or crystalsIf such a compound were foundit would represent a new class of treatment for renal stonesSeveral herbs have been purported to decrease stone riskor hasten stone passageHoweverhard scientific evidence regarding their efficacy is scantyThe Chinese Kampou medicine has been used to treat disease for centuriesincluding for prevention and treatment of urinary calculiAn experimental study suggested an inhibitory effect of Kampou extracts on in vitro CaOx crystallization10 In this reportthe two species from KampouTakusya and Kagosoualso were effective for preventing renal crystallization in a rat nephrolithiasis modelsimilar results were obtained in a second report11 Chorey-toanother Chinese medicine which contains Takusyaalso exhibited a protective effect in rats rendered hyperoxaluric with ethylene glycoleven though urinary citrate levels fell12.

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