24 Jun 2017

Download Minecraft Apk | pocket edition

Minecraft is basically a Smart Phone game which is designed by Swedish game designer and after that, it is developed by Mojang. The Minecraft sandbox game has provided the users to build up the constructions with textured cubes in a 3D generated the world. The various activities present in this game are to gather the resources, crafting, explosion, combat etc. This game comes up with both the single player and multiplayer mode in which the players need to use their internet connection for multiplayer mode.

free download minecraft apk

There is a mild nonlyrical background music integrated with this game which helps the users to get a pleasant feeling during the gameplay. This game is basically a paid version app but lots of Android lovers are there who became glad to get this game for free on their Android Smart Phones. So in this topic, we are going to help you to download the latest version of Minecraft APK for your desired phone model. The Minecraft pocket edition APK is easy to download from the various sites on the internet.

Here we will show you the full details about the Minecraft APK and how to download this game for your Android Phones for free.

Minecraft APK – Know the features

Minecraft game is mainly based upon using some blocks which help to build some things on your game field and make it adventurous. You can add various mods on this game which turns the environment of the game very interesting with lots of fun. Some of the best features of the Minecraft are discussed below –

  • Add various items in the creative mod which helps you to convert the hard levels into easier one by using this feature.
  • Add various targets to get more achievement levels and make this game more interesting and competitive.
  • Dig and built more blocks as you can to get the best features of this game.
  • You can start this game in survival mode where you can find yourself safe in a perfect spot surrounded by water, trees, mountains, grass etc. and feel the sunlight with the chime of birds and animals.
  • Make a family within the Minecraft world by talking with each other and get married to someone to whom you like most.

minecraftapk free download

  • You can plant a tree and eat food and vegetables to boost up your life and energy.
  • Use the animal’s bike to move from one place to another such that you will not lose your energy level by walking a distance on the road.
  • Get your best weapons such that you can fight easily with the monsters and keep safe to sleep at your home on the night times.
  • Make some torches and weapon tools which help you to rescue yourself from the dangerous creatures coming at night near your home.

How to download the Minecraft APK on your Android phone

As we all know that Minecraft – Pocket Edition is basically a paid app if you want to get it from Google Play. So here we will help you to download the same thing in a freeway from the third party websites. Please follow the below steps to download the Minecraft APK easily-

  • Initially, you need to have an Android Device with OS version 4.0 or above and minimum 1GB RAM for superior gaming performance.
  • Now open your phone browser or any browser like UC, Google Chrome etc. on your phone and search the “Minecraft APK pocket version Download” on the top i.e. on the search bar.
  • The search result will get displayed on the screen and you need to select the perfect latest link to download the APK file. (To download the Minecraft APK – Pocket Edition please Click Here.)
  • Once you have completed downloading this file the APK will be saved on your phone memory or external memory card.

How to install the Minecraft APK (Pocket Edition) on your phone –

You can easily install this APK on your phone by following the below steps.

  • Open the APK file from your file manager and click on that file to start up the installation process.
  • Once you click on the APK file, a pop-up warning will show on the screen that the installation from the Unknown Sources has been blocked by the Phone Privacy and Security. Now you have to enable the installation from unknown sources by open your Phone Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Unknown Sources -> Enable.
  • Now again open your file manager and start the installation manager and thus the Minecraft APK will start to install on your phone.
  • Once the installation has been finished you can get the app icon on your app drawer to start the game.

So these are all about the Minecraft APK which is the best game ever to play by a number of players from the whole world. But the problem is that officially this game is a paid version and many users do not want to purchase the game app for playing. Thus we have given on the above content as a great solution to download that Minecraft APK easily in a free version from the above-given link only. So download the APK step by step following the above description and enjoy this game for lifetime free in your Android mobile.

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