29 Nov 2018

How much does aldara cost

Princess_562 feedback via ehealthforum i applied aldara about a week ago and was fine, now i m in so much pain i can t get out of bed.

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Local skin reactions such aldara order online erythema.erosion.excoriation.flaking and oedema are common. Other local reactions such as induration.ulceration.scabbing.and vesicles have aldara order online been reported. Should an intolerable skin reaction occur.the cream should be removed by washing the area with mild soap and water. Treatment with imiquimod cream can be resumed after the skin reaction has aldara order online.

Should severe local skin reaction occur.the cream should be removed by washing the treatment area with mild soap and water.

Response of the treated tumour to imiquimod cream should be assessed 12 weeks after the end of treatment. If the treated tumour shows an incomplete response.a different therapy should be used (see section 4.4).

Thank you for your interest in Aldara(TM). Aldara(TM) cream is not approved for use on the face. However.3M Pharmaceuticals is currently studying the use of Aldara(TM) for the treatment of actinic keratosis and basal cell carcinoma.both conditions.which can involve areas of the face. The results of these studies are not yet known. Clinical studies of Aldara(TM) for the treatment of basal cell carcinoma specifically avoided the application of Aldara(TM) cream within 1 centimetre of the eyes.nose.or lips. Therefore.3M Pharmaceuticals does not have information about the overall efficacy or adverse event rate of Aldara(TM) use in these areas.

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