05 Feb 2016

League of Legends – Graves Weakness & Strength Details

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Hello, League of Legends fan, welcome to this guide. Here you will learn various details about how to counter graves and all the details. Here in this guide you are going to learn all the abilities, weaknesses as well strengths of Graves. So enjoy this guide.

Counter Graves – Details about Graves Weakness and Strengths:

First of all lets have a look at the abilities of Graves-

# Abilities of Graves:

  • Graves uses shotgun which has two shells. He has to reload it after each fire. In each attack his shotgun fires several (three) bullets in a cone. As he hits his enemies with multiple bullets, damages also be done in a good numbers. Each bullet beyond the first will damaged only 35%.

graves counter league of legends

  • He has the ability to fire an explosive shell which detonates after 2 seconds of hitting. Or it detonates immediately if it strikes directly to terrain.
  • The more closer to a Grave, the more the enemy hurts. Its main ability is his buckshot. Also the cone shaped spells damage more if the target is closer.
  • He can fires a smoke and create a smoke cloud (Smoke Screen) in its target area. The enemies inside that area have reduced their strength, movement speed as well as sight.
  • He has the ability of collateral damage. It fires an explosive shell that damaged heavily the first enemy champion it hits. After hitting an enemy or reaching at the end of its enemy’s range, that shell explodes and damage physically in a cone.

Now lets have a look at the Strengths of Graves:

# Grave’s Strengths are:

  1. Qwhich is a powerful spell.
  2. ‘E’ is a ability that allows him fast dash over a short distance.
  3. ‘W’ is a skill shot that fires the smoke screen.
  4. ‘Ultimate’ a powerful, huge spell that explodes on impact.

graves weakness

# How to Counter Graves  in League of Legends:

  • Graves has low auto attack range, So pick a range that will out of its attack range.
  • Leave his Smoke screen immediately.
  • You have to be aware of his passive. It can led him on the top of trade and can give him (up to)30 armor of max level.
  • Buy strong armor.
  • It has low range. So try to pick a long range to beat him out.
  • Be aware of his high burst aoe combo attack and try not to chase him in a group up.

So, I have you have enjoyed this guide and detail about graves counter, his strength and weaknesses. I have also shared some tips.

Know more about Graves here .

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