21 Aug 2018

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A patint who’s having a hat attack ight now , xampl, should b givn a ull 325-milligam dos aspiin, but th pson at lvatd isk a hat attack, who’s taking daily aspiin as a pvntiv masu, should stick with th small 81-milligam dos.

I you can’t tak aspiin, a dint mdicin, such as paactamol (pain) clopidogl (tpvnt blood clots), may b commndd instad.

Dlayd-las tablts bgin twok som tim at thy a takn. Dnot tak dlayd-las tablts v pain that must b livd quickly.

Long-tm tatmnt with low doss aspiin – usually 75mg – has an antiplatlt ct, which mans it maks th blood lss sticky and can stop blood clots dvloping.

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