19 Apr 2017

Reliable online E-learning portals

Before knowing the reliable online E-learning portals it is necessary to know what does e-learning meant. Well, E-learning is an online study which is conducted and delivered through electronic media like Internet. In short, we can understand that E-learning is an educational tool that delivers necessary study materials for all levels of courses like school, graduation, degree, business, distance learning, etc. So, it is an innovative learning technology which helps individuals to attain necessary knowledge on various segments.

If you really want to know some reliable online E-learning portals then read this post ahead where I will list few of them.

Function Space

The function Space is one of the reliable educational tools which provide guides for Math, Physics and Computer Science. So, if you are student of Computer science and want to get indepth knowledge regarding various aspects regarding the subject then just visit this portal. The website is beautifully designed with profile consisting of students and faculties. The Function Space was launched in the year 2013 and it is doing excellent job till today with more than 2400 registered users.

This website is reliable as provides dedicated learning sources through lectures, online interaction and discussion, book reviews, etc. This website also features problems solving sections with in-depth articles which train you with better skill building ability. Moreover, Function Space consist labs, interactive demos, virtual experiments in Physics and Maths which collectively gives you a complete package of learning systems. This website is recently launched with its public beta version which you can download easily in your devices.


If you are students of IT and lovers Programming, coding and much more than this Excellere can be the best platform for improving your talents. This is the best place where you can really excel in receiving the real knowledge in becoming developer and a programmer. The website is based on cloud technology where all kinds of projects can be easily executed in real time through online.

There are live mentor and instructional videos that will guide you through the entire process of learning. This website provides different certificate course to its students with many intermediate courses like C, C#, DSA, RDBMS, ASP.Net, etc. Apart from that there are also various other programs like Java Developer program, Oracle developer program and Net Developer program which you can inculcate from this website.

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For various students who are facing competitive exams as it gives complete guide for CBSE, IB, IGCSE, ICSE Board exams and even IIT-JEE exams. Examify is a perfect e-learning website that uses crowdsourcing and algorithms for generating different intelligence for the related examinations.

The website allows students in filtering out all the important topics and the possible questions through ratings. This is really a good source for preparing for various competitive exams that are conducted in your area. The Examify website was officially launched in the year 2012 especially for the students preparing for their ITT-JEE courses.


The Rainmaker is India’s first benchmark tested tool for studying Law and practicing it in practical. Only an individual above the age 17 can access to this website and it is affiliated by Vahura group. This is the best place where you can enhance the value of law by its legitimate practical experiments in the website. Rainmaker give you the best e-learning experience with Case Date, litigating firms, tracking your diaries, corporate, cause lists, billing and many more. You can also visit on www.myLaw.net for more information and guides in becoming creative lawyer of high value. Presently, the Rainmaker has administered ‘All India Bar Examination’ with 50,000+ candidates over 29 cities of India.


The Edukart is the best e-learning platform that provides quality certificates and degrees through online process. You can do your graduation and post graduation easily online through EduKart.com now. EduKart.com was launched in the year 2011 that provides degree program, diploma, graduate, post graduate and other certificate courses online.

The website also delivers multi-industrial courses like Project Management, Software Engineering, Retail Management, Energy Industry, Digital Marketing, Telecom industry and many more. You can now easily make advancement in your career by upgrading your qualifications though EduKart.com.

Thus, the medium of receiving educations and training became much easier with the help of the best reliable online E-learning portals that I discussed in this post. However, for using some of the sites of e-learning you might need to spend much of your bucks. So, there is a best solution for saving much of your money by using the Edureka coupon as well. Thus enjoy and grab the exclusive study techniques of e-learning now.

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    Jun 15, 2017


    I have tried edureka and they have a vast range of courses to do online. Thank you so much for sharing such in depth knowledge with us.


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