24 Jan 2017

How to start Online Banking in SBI


SBI Bank is one of the top government banks of India. They are offering many services to their customer to make their transaction safe and secure. Their staffs always remain helpful in every situation to their customers. Days are no more when people used to stand in a queue to withdraw and to deposit money in their accounts. Now this time is a time of technology, and SBI uses many technologies to make any type of transaction easy and mainly secure. Among all technologies,  Missed call banking and Internet Banking is the best from which customers will be benefited greatly in respect of time.

With this, you can do the transaction from anywhere. The transaction like money transfer, account balance check, internet shopping, etc. Internet banking somewhat removes the desolate condition of customers. Now maximum people rely on this technology, and within 5 years all Indians will use Internet banking.


Advantages of Internet Banking

  1. Internet banking offers their customer to do the transaction from anywhere at any time.
  2. If there is no internet connection, then customer support will help you to get the account information.
  3. You can transfer fund from any bank accounts with the help of electronic fund transfer technology.
  4. Speed is higher in comparison to ATM banking and customary banking.
  5. It is very easy to set up an Internet banking facility on your account.
  6. It is very secure and still updating its technology to make it unbreakable.
  7. You can do shopping with internet banking.
  8. Yu can have all updates of your accounts directly on your phone.

How to start SBI Online Banking?

SBI many years ago had launched online banking for all of their customers. Anyone who has an SBI account can add this extra facility on their account. You need to activate online banking, and for this, you have to go through the below steps-

  1. You have to download the online activation form from the official site of SBI bank, and also you can have it directly from your branch.
  2. You have first to ensure whether your branch is offering Online banking facility. It is because in some remote areas there is no internet connection.
  3. You can online submit the online activation form with all your account details. In another way you can submit the registration form directly to your branch.
  4. After two or three days, your online banking username and password will be sent directly to your address by post.

Login to SBI online Banking

To log in your online banking account you have to first go to the official online banking website of SBI Bank- https://m.onlinesbi.com/m.onlinesbi.com.html. Now follow the below steps to log in online Banking in SBI.

  1. On that page, there is two option of Login- Personal Login and Corporate Login. If the type of account that on which you have added Online Banking feature is personal then select Personal Banking and if the account is of any company or farm then select corporate banking.
  2. You have an username and password in the envelope that received to you via post from SBI bank. Enter those login credentials to get access to your online banking account.
  3. It is recommended to change the password. You can change it directly from here.
  4. Now enjoy and use the facility of SBI Online Banking.

As now it is an era of internet technology, so you have to use the online banking technology to do transactions more easily and securely. SBI Online Banking is very secure, and it protects your account from any type of phishing. Your OnlineBankinglogin details are your own never share this credentials with anybody. If you still not registered with SBI online banking then register now.

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